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ARBHERO Arena (Soon!)

Weekly Arena competition with ARB prize pool
How to Join ARBHERO Arena:
There is no need to own any Hero NFT to participate in ARBHERO Arena!
- Players may pay a fee of 500ARBHERO to enter the Crown Arena.
- 100% of the fees will go back into normal ARB rewards pool
- Players will battle as many random monsters in a row as possible until they are defeated.
- Level 1: 5 x random tier 1 monsters (90%)
- Level 2: 5 x random tier 2 monsters (85%)
- Level 3: 5 x random tier 3 monsters (80%)
- Level 4: Random Boss fights (70%)
- Top 15 players who has the biggest win streak will split the total ARB weekly prize pool.
Example: if the prize pool is 10 ARB, prize Distribution will be as follows: