How to Start Playing?

We will guide you step by step so that you can start fighting the evil that lurks our regions
1. To start playing, you need to hold at least 0.35 BNB worth of GENK. Then, connect your wallet to the game dashboard.
2. Recruit Heroes from Game dashboard Recruit icon.
- Each Recruitment costs 0.35bnb worth of GENK
- After recruitment, your hero will take 12 hours to arrive to the barracks. You can pay 0.035BNB worth in GENK to expedite the travel time of your new hero
3. Send your hero to fight various monsters. Earn BNB and XP for each monster you slay.
- Use GENK and XP to level up your Heroes, each level-up will allow you to earn more BNB and fight more times in future missions
- Use your earned BNB to reinvest into GENK in order to:
- Recruit more Heroes
- Upgrade your temples
- Allow Heroes to Level up
- Take a shot at the Arena Run to win BNB Prize Pool
4. If you wish to become a passive investor, assign your Hero to jobs with high APY so that they can earn you passive GENK tokens (Soon)