PVE Game Price Stability

How do we guarantee the stable price of GENK?
🛑 The Problem with normal crypto PVE game today:
It is very common for a play to earn crypto game chart to be crashing right from the start when players cash out their rewards. This makes the whole project lose value and the token will be dead in a matter of a few days making players lose all their money.
GENK has innovative mechanisms and measures in place to make sure this does not happen.
✅ Here are the mechanisms GENK has in place to control the price of GENK:
We are the first Play-to-Earn NFT game which rewards all our players directly in BNB. As a result, players do not need to sell GENK in order to cash out rewards. They can hold GENK long term.
We have implemented partnership with Chainlink for Their VRF code to ensure 100% transparent NFT minting
We have an in-game price and cost oracles for all in-game spending to allow new players a fair playing process.
70% of ALL in game purchases and spending goes back to BNB rewards Pool, other 30% goes to Burn. This ensures that the economy is always being recycled.
We are reserving 20% of GENK supply for listing on CEX and DEX which will increase the value of GENK and reward long term holders.
Weekly events with huge BNB and XP rewards which will encourage players to hold and spend their GENK.
Arena Runs which will increase use case for GENK and allow winners to win unique & limited Hero NFTs tradable via Metamask on OpenSea etc.
1% of every buy/sell/trade action goes to the Liquidity Pool to ensure a more stable price floor.
Leveling up now costs 200GENK per level which will add more usability for game token.
Players can upgrade temples using GENK to get the most out of the game.
Expansions and add-ons are coming up so players can use the tokens in a variety of ways.
Partnerships are being forged with well established Defi companies to ensure a great future for GENSHIN KING!