💰GKING Token Information

Distribution & Slippage


GKING is the first play-to-earn NFT game built on BNB ( BSC Chain ) which rewards players directly in BNB.

Players will use GKING Token (GKING) to recruit heroes, Level up, upgrade temples and complete missions in order to receive rewards in BNB.

GKING Token is launched on PancakeSwap.

GKING Tokenomics

Emergency Funds: 1,500,000 GKING (1.5%)

Community: 35,000,000 GKING (35%)

Private Presale : 4,000,000 GKING (4%)

Staking and Game Economic Reserve: 35,000,000 GKING (35%)

Liquidity Pool: 24,500,00 GKING (2.45%)

GKING team: 9,000,000 GKING (9%)

Marketing Wallet: 10,000,000 GKING (10%)

Advisors and Partnerships: 3,050,000 GKING (3.05%)

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