1. Project research + planning

  2. Official website for web browser + game prototype construction

  3. NFT creation + website launch

  4. Establishment of Telegram community + Twitter release


  1. Alpha testing of Genshinking game

  2. Private fundraising

  3. Major website updates and launch

  4. Game character testing + NFT optimization


  1. Deployment of Genshinking game on BSC testnet + public testing

  2. Promotion on social media and Twitter

  3. Official launch of website with Beta version, all features perfected

  4. Communication in progress for CEX integration


  1. Official launch of the public version of the game

  2. Data analysis and user feedback system to drive continuous optimization and improvement of the game

  3. Expansion of the game's marketing scope, entering new markets and regions

  4. Enhancement of the open game arena and new boss functionalities


  1. Further implementation of marketing and promotional activities

  2. Completion of initial design and framework setup for the second game

  3. Alpha testing of the second GameFi online

  4. Collaboration and marketing of Genshiking NFTs


  1. Launch of new game beta version

  2. Establishment of GKING game ecosystem

  3. Establishment of a game public chain based on Genshinking

  4. Testing and improvement of the public chain

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